Project: Awareness Ribbons and Safety Pin

I have chosen to draw a number of Awareness Ribbons and other awareness icons. I’m planning on drawing more. It started back in October with the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon and Yellow Awareness Ribbon. This past week, I have added five more Awareness Ribbons and a Safety Pin. There are…

TPK Giving Back: Locks of Love

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I am super excited about this organization, Locks of Love.  For the last three and a half years, I have been growing my hair out.  Mostly because my migraines make anyone messing with my hair really painful.  Last week, I decided that it was time to finally get my hair…

TPK Giving Back:

For February 2016, the organization that I have chosen is Here are two of the many questions on the FAQ from their website. I believe these two answers sum up what is all about. What is the water and sanitation crisis? Without water, life would not exist. It…

TPK Giving Back: Stand for Trees

I don’t have a lot of money. Most of my money goes to bills and food. However, I am pledging to give at least $10.00 a month to a charity or group who needs help. In months were I have more, I’ll give more. $10.00 is only the minimum that…

Why Love Is Louder For Me

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I heard about this site,, just a couple days ago and it hit me hard and hasn’t let go since. I heard about it through an Instagram post by one of my favorite actors, Ian Bohen. It has caused two pieces of art and this post in just a…

How Diabetes Has Changed My Life AND I’m Not Diabetic!

My best friend, Marsha, was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about six months ago. It has changed our life style. While I don’t have diabetes myself, it doesn’t matter. Since I live with my BFF and I am the cook, the way I look at food is totally different….

Giving Back – April 2013

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I love being an artist and creating arts and crafts for others to appreciate.  I also want to give back to my community, not just the art community but also the community I live, work and play in.  With that in mind, I am giving 10% of anything I make…

Autism Awareness Month

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I made this for anyone who would like their profile picture to support Autism Awareness.  Please feel free to download this!  All I ask is that you leave the signature and website on the image. You can purchase the original painting by clicking here!