Project: 2015 Christmas Cards

Kids - For Anthony

I love making my own cards and usually try to sit down at least once a month to make some.  This month, I’m working on my Christmas cards. I don’t have a lot of people to give cards, but I have so much fun making them.  Here is one of the cards I made this year.  It is for my best friend’s nephew.

The card itself is just a dark card stock.  The stickers were some I picked up after Christmas last year at Michaels.  The circle background is Bristol paper (I’m out of watercolor paper which would work better) and Tombow Craft Collect water-based markers – Jewel Tones.  I scribbled on a styrofoam plate in each of the colors, then using my water brush, transferred the color to the paper.  Once it was completely dry, I used the paper in my printer to get the saying added.


While I was playing with the markers and water brush, I also created other areas of color on the Bristol paper.  I set a page to print in Adobe Photoshop to add sayings to different areas of the page.  This way I got more out of my paper than just one 4″ circle.  I also ended up with a few scraps that are big enough to write on like the Happy Birthday tag.

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